About Us

We have been manufacturing various types of keyless transmission products since 1988. Our proprietor had given the innovative idea for developing the products indigenously. Up till 1988 most of the company imported the product. We had started developing this product indigenously…

We had made Locking Assembly SFN 7012 and Locking Element SFN 8006. During development, we had various trials, studies of imported samples, Quality improvements, infrastructure development, and creating facilities to develop high-precision, quality products indigenously.

The Locking Assemblies, Locking Elements, Clamping Sleeves, and Shrink Disc, are used for keyless Transmission of power. These products successfully replace keys, Spine, polygon, etc., for connecting any shaft to the hub. The standard size meets in accordance with imported Assemblies. Since 1988 we have added many types of Locking assemblies, Shrink Discs, Locking Elements, Clamping Sleeves, etc. in accordance with international standards. In fully equipped with all facilities for manufacturing, Inspection, and testing.

Carden Shaft Manufacturer

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