We are leading manufacturer and supplier of locking assemblies in various different sizes depending on the machine in which it is to be used. They are used in pulleys, gears, shaft, hub and other industrial appliances. They provide a reliable connection to lock the clamp load to contract the pressure that is exerted on both the shaft as well as the bore in the element. The locking assembly we provide consists of four pieces and having two inside double-cone rings. These rings are tightened by the means of screws.

Locking assembly devices is specially used for easy, strong and secure connection between shafts and hubs. They are preferred because of the property that there is no problem of backlash. The type of the locking assembly decides whether the component allows axial moment or not. They are made from the best in class raw materials to provide excellent concentricity. The price is kept economic compared to other companies and are supplied in Gujarat, India and exported in world-wide countries.