Universal Joint

Universal Joint Manufacturer

The universal joint is also called the U-joint. This type of joint is used to connect the rods whose axes are inclined at some angle with each other. The hinges that are joined with each other have an angle of 90° between each other. The typical applications of these universal joints are in the control mechanism, instrumentation, radio, aircraft, textile machinery, etc. The construction of this joint has two yokes one on each of the shafts and the cross-shaped part called a spider. This spider in the universal joint is important as it connects both the shafts and effectively transfers the torque.

We have gained a reputation in the market as the pioneers in manufacturing and supplying universal joints in different dimensions. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations as per the industry standards accepted in the international market. We are even marked as the reliable exporter of these joints in all the countries of the world, providing them on-time delivery of the products at the most competitive price range…

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