Cardan shaft is a mechanical element used to transmit the torque or rotation in the devices that cannot be connected to each other directly. In order to transmit the torque to other device the shaft needs to be strong and must be able to bear the stress exerted on it. We are engaged in providing a comprehensive range of cardan shaft that satisfies the need of the client and industries. They are manufactured under the expert professional guidance and following the international standards to fit the mechanical devices all around the world.

The important characteristic of the cardan shaft is to transmit the power and torque in angular motion and also incorporate with the changing in the length. There are no other couplings that have the capacity to transmit the torque in angular motion between the driving and driven shaft. The constant improvement in the quality of carden shaft has made us the top notch manufacturer and supplier in Gujarat as well as the most reliable exporter compared to any other industry in the market.