Clamping Sleeve

Clamping Sleeve Manufacturer

The clamping sleeve consists of a cylindrical design like a spring diaphragm that serves as a clamping column in the machine parts. The clamping sleeves we offer consist of o-ring seals and back-up rings provided at both sides of the end. The type of clamping sleeve is decided based on the system of the diaphragm that is present in the applications. Even the execution of the working clamping sleeve changes from case to case where it is attached. The clamping sleeve should be able to transmit forces efficiently and open and close at high speed.

We as clamping sleeve manufacturer prepare them on the idea of creating the shaft and hub joint actuated by adherence. This helps in supporting the efficiency in the functioning of the tools. We offer clamping sleeves that are with and without the flange rings. The main difference between both is that the one without flange can only transmit force in a longitudinal direction while the other one can even work in rotational forces. These sleeves are renowned in the domestic market of Gujarat, India, and are even preferred in the international market where we export them.

Key Characteristics –

  • High holding forces
  • Program controlling
  • High speed opening and closing
  • Varying dimensions
  • Flange rings
  • Economic
  • Maintenance free
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