Shaft coupling are special mechanical devices to connect rotating shafts and remove the misalignments between them. These shaft couplings can be rigid as well as flexible depending on the use in the device. The coupling type depends on the alignment accuracy and the torque required. We offer these shaft couplings in many dimensions and specifications as per the machine in which it is to be used. The shaft coupling is mainly used in motors, compressors, generators, etc.


Shaft coupling offers great advantages in reducing the transmission of shock loads when the power is transferred from one shaft to another. Being the leading shaft coupling manufacturer, we give our best in providing the most effective shafts to avoid any misalignment between the shaft couplings. These shaft couplings are manufactured from high quality of material to offer high performance and accuracy. They are offered at the competitive prices, in the domestic market where we supply them and even when they are exported in the international market.